COVID Impact Survey

The National Research Panel is over 1,000 restaurant workers who are representative of the industry Workers help inform industry leaders, elected officials, and advocacy organizations Workers who participate receive quarterly surveys supporting ROC United’s growing capacity to track changes in our industry as well as opportunities to get involved in ROC’s digital campaigns.

In 2020 ROC United surveyed over 1,000 restaurant workers to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on workers throughout the industry. The findings of our survey demonstrate the severe effects of the pandemic on restaurant workers’ lives and provide a compelling answer as to why in 2021, restaurants are struggling with staffing as the economy re-opens. If there remains doubt as to whether working conditions in restaurants are a barrier to restaffing, this survey presents overwhelming evidence of the challenges workers have endured and the expectations they have of both employers and the government in a just recovery.

• 63% of respondents reported that they knew somebody who had tested positive for COVID-19
• 42% said that someone at their workplace tested positive for COVID-19.
• Fifty-eight percent of respondents reported being concerned or very concerned about themselves or their loved ones contracting COVID-19 due to their exposure at work.
• Nearly a third of all workers surveyed shared that they had experienced the deaths of family or friends due to COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19.